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Version: 3.x

Index inspection functions

These functions provide metadata about an H3 index, such as its resolution or base cell, and provide utilities for converting into and out of the 64-bit representation of an H3 index.


int h3GetResolution(H3Index h);

Returns the resolution of the index.


int h3GetBaseCell(H3Index h);

Returns the base cell number of the index.


H3Index stringToH3(const char *str);

Converts the string representation to H3Index (uint64_t) representation.

Returns 0 on error.


void h3ToString(H3Index h, char *str, size_t sz);

Converts the H3Index representation of the index to the string representation. str must be at least of length 17.


int h3IsValid(H3Index h);

Returns non-zero if this is a valid H3 index.


int h3IsResClassIII(H3Index h);

Returns non-zero if this index has a resolution with Class III orientation.


int h3IsPentagon(H3Index h);

Returns non-zero if this index represents a pentagonal cell.


void h3GetFaces(H3Index h, int* out);

Find all icosahedron faces intersected by a given H3 index and places them in the array out. out must be at least of length maxFaceCount(h).

Faces are represented as integers from 0-19, inclusive. The array is sparse, and empty (no intersection) array values are represented by -1.


int maxFaceCount(H3Index h3);

Returns the maximum number of icosahedron faces the given H3 index may intersect.