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Version: 3.x

Unix-style Filters for H3

The directory src/apps/filters contains unix-style stdin/stdout filters that perform conversions between integer H3 indexes and other useful types. It currently contains the filters listed in the table below. See the header comments in each application source code file for more information.

Filters are experimental and are not part of the semantic version of the H3 library.

All latitude/longitude coordinates are in decimal degrees. See the H3 Index Representations page for information on the integer H3Index.

h3ToGeoH3Indexcell center point in lat/lon
h3ToGeoBoundaryH3Indexcell boundary in lat/lon
kRingH3Indexsurrounding H3Index
hexRangeH3Indexsurrounding H3Index, in order

Unix Command Line Examples

  • find the index for coordinates at resolution 5

    geoToH3 --resolution 5 --latitude 40.689167 --longitude -74.044444

  • output the cell center point for H3Index 845ad1bffffffff

    h3ToGeo --index 845ad1bffffffff

  • output the cell boundary for H3Index 845ad1bffffffff

    h3ToGeoBoundary --index 845ad1bffffffff

  • find the components for the H3Index 845ad1bffffffff

    h3ToComponents --index 845ad1bffffffff

  • output all indexes within distance 1 of the H3Index 845ad1bffffffff

    kRing -k 1 --origin 845ad1bffffffff

  • output all hexagon indexes within distance 2 of the H3Index 845ad1bffffffff

    hexRange -k 2 --origin 845ad1bffffffff

Note that the filters h3ToGeo and h3ToGeoBoundary take optional arguments that allow them to generate kml output. See the header comments in the corresponding source code files for details.