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Version: 4.x

Compilation options

A number of options in CMake can be set when compiling the H3 core library. These are relevant for building different ways of using and testing the library and do not affect the underlying algorithms.

When configuring with CMake, an option may be specified using -D on the command line, like so for setting CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE to Release:

cmake .. -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release

Boolean options should be set to ON or OFF, like so:



Whether to glob the list of source files and compare it to the ALL_SOURCE_FILES and EXAMPLE_SOURCE_FILES lists defined in CMake. This is a quality control measure to ensure that the source file list in CMakeLists.txt actually matches the sources in the repository and is not missing any files.


Whether to build the parts of the test suite that exercise the H3_ALLOC_PREFIX feature.


Whether to build the benchmark suite.


Whether to build benchmarks that use Natural Earth geometries.

The geometries will be downloaded at build time using Node.


Whether to build the H3 command line filter executables.


Whether to build generator executables used in the development of H3. This is not required for building the library as the output of these generators is checked in.


Whether to build the test suite.


Whether to build the fuzzer suite.


Whether to build the fuzzers with libFuzzer (this expects to be used with Clang). If OFF, a main function suitable for use with American fuzzy lop is included.


Should be set to Release for production builds, and Debug in development.


Whether to compile Debug builds with coverage instrumentation (compatible with GCC, Clang, and lcov). This also excludes defensive code in the library that should not be counted against coverage because it is unreachable.


Whether to build the Doxygen documentation. This is not the same as the H3 website, but is rather the documentation for the internal C library functions.


Whether to enable using clang-format-14 to format source files before building. This should be enabled before submitting patches for H3 as continuous integration will fail if the formatting does not match.

Only this version of clang-format should be used to format the sources as new releases of clang-format can change defaults, causing unintended churn of source code formatting.


Whether to enable using clang-tidy to lint source files when building. Only invoked when Makefile or Ninja CMake generators are used.


Used for directing the library to use a different set of functions for memory management.


Used for renaming the public API.

If enabled, CMake will print which CTest test case corresponds to which input file.


Whether to enable all compiler warnings. (i.e. -Wall)


Whether to treat compiler warnings as errors. While a useful tool for ensuring software quality, this should not be enabled for production builds as compiler warnings can change unexpectedly between versions. This is intended to be used with ENABLE_WARNINGS on.


Whether to wrap invocations of the test suite with valgrind (if available).